showreel – Serge Fouha, © 2015


Personal statement

Paul Julio Serge Fouhakue is born in 1982 in Yaoundé, Cameroon. His career started 2001 with a general formation in the theater company „Ngoti“ under direction of Jean Minguélé. Hi work as actor begins with a workshop under direction of renowned stages directors such as: Martin ambarra, Kocou jemadje…

In 2005 he was, together with some friends, founding member of the „Theater Company Acor Contemporain“ with which they staged shows such as: „courrir tout cour“ by Emery Noudjiep or „le temps d´une cigarette“ by Martin Ambarra. In the same year they are setting themselves a higher target: they want to stage the texts from young Cameroonian authors. In the following they are running the shows „Les Martyrans“ by Edouard Elvis Bvouma, „Les roses a sang d´encres“ by Paul Steveck and „Il avait plu sur la rose“ by Nicaise Magloire Wegang.

In 2011 he got invited to Theatertreffen in Berlin where he was attending a stage workshop. He took advantage at this time to register on the Filmarche, an independent film school in Berlin, where he is studying movie director since 2012. Simultaneously he continued his actor career at Theater and Cinema.